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Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog! This is my corner of the web for all things Artzee! As a illustrator in my life before kids I used to freelance and create clipart and graphics for various computer software packages and I also did some greeting card designs. I love old vintage images that can be used for mixed media crafts and projects. I have a ton of vintage images, scrapbooking and paper crafting projects for you to download and use for FREE!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Time for Planting & Making Cool Crafts with Vintage Seed Packets Clipart

It's that time of the year again! Spring has sprung and it's time for planting pretty flowers and starting vegetable gardens that will yield lots of homegrown tomatos, corn of the cob, green beans and the like. So I would like to celebrate planting and gardening with some really great vintage seed packets clipart! I've included a couple of great pages with some incredible colorful seed packets. They are super cool! and can be used for alot of great projects! If you create art trading cards you can use them in your mixed media designs. They would also be great for making domino pendant necklaces, or decoupodge project, but definately use a clear spray fixative over the print out so the ink colors don't run when you paint the modgepodge over it.

Click on the links below to download the high quality versions:



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